Valley Music SEN

How does music benefit people with SEN?

Music plays a central role in our lives and offers a vital line of communication for many people with special educational needs. We work with many non-verbal children and adults for whom music is an empowering way of communicating and bonding. Our approach to music making is multi-sensory in its nature and stimulates both physical and neurological responses within an individual.
Using a creative and positive approach, we help an individual’s development in some of the following key areas:

  • Improve social interaction and empowerment
  • Increased body awareness and fine motor skills
  • Helping confidence, teamwork and creativity

What do we deliver?

We are flexible to the needs of each individual enquiry and can tailor projects ranging from hour long therapy or peripatetic sessions on a one to one basis. We also offer longer-term music making residencies with groups of children or adults. For the longer projects we have delivered, outcomes often include a performance element or an audio recording. Additionally, we can deliver hour long interactive performances in a wide range of environments, including special schools and community centres. Participants in these projects are introduced to a wide range of instruments and are given the chance to interact and make music with the performers.

The musicians were fantastic! Obviously skilled and made a beautiful sound, but more than that, they were flexible, had a lovely manner with the children and allowed a level of interactivity with our younger children that really engaged them.

Rowan School, Sheffield

Examples of past projects:

The Global Tour: giving participants the chance to play musical styles from around the world including:
• Samba drumming
• Irish folk music
• Reggae rhythms
• Country and Western

• Choosing chords for a song
• Lyric creation
• Performance skills

Interactive concerts:
• Allowing participants to experience exciting live music
• Empowering the audience by giving them musical choices
• Including the audience in group singing and other musical activities

Our experience

Valley Music leaders Tom Clegg and Will Fletcher have a wide range of experience in the field of SEN. Having joined Live Music Now in 2014, they have performed interactive concerts in special schools throughout Yorkshire and the UK, in addition to a multitude of long-term residency projects, working with children and adults with varied special needs.

Their experience has included taking part in many training workshops across the north of England, in which they have learnt vital skills from other musicians in the community music and SEN area.

The children and staff absolutely loved every second, they were engaging, they made an effort to speak with the children, to let them have a go and even let a couple of Yr 11 children doing Arts Award interview them after the performance, giving us around 20 extra minutes of their time.I would recommend them to anyone and would gladly welcome them back to our school.

Thank you very much!

Elise Bowen, Pennine View School, Doncaster

Students really enjoyed the concert, especially the new genre of music. The musicians built an instant relationship with the students from the beginning. Some students with complex needs were up dancing and engaging with the music.

Seven Hills School, Sheffield